TNPL 2023 Schedule Time Table PDF, Check Venues, Matches, Fixtures

TNPL 2023 Schedule Time Table PDF, Check Venues, Matches, Fixtures | THE TIIS

TNPL 2023: Tamil Nadu Premier League

The TNPL 2023 Program: Fans are excited to learn the schedule for the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL), which is set to begin. The T20 cricket matches' dates, locations, and lineups will be available in the TNPL 2023 schedule. As teams vie for the title, the tournament will be full of action for fans. The schedule will be available as a PDF for easy reference. Prepare for an exciting cricket extravaganza in Tamil Nadu by keeping an eye out for the release of the TNPL 2023 schedule.

TNPL 2023: The popular cricket competition known as the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) is held in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It started in 2016 and features eight teams from various districts of Tamil Nadu. The league gives local players a chance to show off their skills and entertain cricket fans.


TNPL 2023 Schedule

Matches in the TNPL are known for being intensely competitive and exciting to watch. Fans enthusiastically anticipate each season, supporting their number one groups and players all through the competition. The league has contributed to the growth of cricket in the region by accumulating a sizable and devoted following over time.

Schedule for TNPL 2023 The eagerly anticipated T20 cricket tournament TNPL 2023 will begin on June 23. The TNPL 2023 Schedule, which will inform us of the times and locations of the matches, has excited fans. We can decide whether we want to go to the games or follow them from home with the help of the TNPL 2023 Schedule. Eight teams from various districts of Tamil Nadu will compete in thrilling matches in TNPL 2023. Therefore, get ready for some incredible cricket action beginning on June 23 and keep an eye out for the TNPL schedule!


Date  match  timing 

Jun 12, Mon

Lyca Kovai Kings vs IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans, 1st Match

7:10 PM

Jun 13, Tue

Chepauk Super Gillies vs Salem Spartans, 2nd Match

7:15 PM

Jun 14, Wed

Siechem Madurai Panthers vs Nellai Royal Kings, 3rd Match

3:15 PM

Jun 15, Thu

Chepauk Super Gillies vs IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans, 5th Match

7:15 PM

Jun 16, Fri

Lyca Kovai Kings vs Nellai Royal Kings, 6th Match

7:15 PM

Jun 18, Sun

Salem Spartans vs Ba11sy Trichy, 7th Match

3:15 PM

Jun 19, Mon

Lyca Kovai Kings vs Chepauk Super Gillies, 9th Match

7:15 PM

Jun 20, Tue

Nellai Royal Kings vs IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans, 10th Match

7:15 PM

Jun 21, Wed

Chepauk Super Gillies vs Dindigul Dragons, 11th Match

3:15 PM

Jun 22, Thu

Nellai Royal Kings vs Salem Spartans, 13th Match

7:15 PM

Jun 24, Sat

Nellai Royal Kings vs Chepauk Super Gillies, 14th Match

3:15 PM

Jun 25, Sun

Dindigul Dragons vs Lyca Kovai Kings, 16th Match

3:15 PM

Jun 26, Mon

Chepauk Super Gillies vs Siechem Madurai Panthers, 18th Match

7:15 PM

Jun 27, Tue

Salem Spartans vs Lyca Kovai Kings, 19th Match

7:15 PM

Jun 28, Wed

IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans vs Dindigul Dragons, 20th Match

7:15 PM

Jun 29, Thu

Siechem Madurai Panthers vs Ba11sy Trichy, 21st Match

7:15 PM

Jul 01, Sat

IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans vs Salem Spartans, 22nd Match

3:15 PM

Jul 02, Sun

Siechem Madurai Panthers vs Lyca Kovai Kings, 24th Match

3:15 PM

Jul 03, Mon

Dindigul Dragons vs Salem Spartans, 26th Match

7:15 PM

Jul 04, Tue

Siechem Madurai Panthers vs IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans, 27th Match

7:15 PM

Jul 05, Wed

Ba11sy Trichy vs Nellai Royal Kings, 28th Match

7:15 PM

Jul 07, Fri

TBC vs TBC, Qualifier 1

7:15 PM

Jul 08, Sat

TBC vs TBC, Eliminator

7:15 PM

Jul 10, Mon

TBC vs TBC, Qualifier 2

7:15 PM

Jul 12, Wed

TBC vs TBC, Final

7:15 PM

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