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IPL 2022 Schedule, Date, Time Table, Points Table, Venue, Channel | The TIIS IPL 2022 Schedule, Date, Time Table, Points Table, Venue, Channel | The TIIS
Wednesday, 09 Feb 2022 00:00 am
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Match No Match Centre Date Time (IST) Venue
1 CSK vs KKR 26-Mar-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
2 DC vs MI 27-Mar-22 3:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
3 PBKS vs RCB 27-Mar-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
4 GT vs LSG 28-Mar-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
5 SRH vs RR 29-Mar-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
6 RCB vs KKR 30-Mar-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
7 LSG vs CSK 31-Mar-22 7:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
8 KKR vs PBKS 01-Apr-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
9 MI vs RR 02-Apr-22 3:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
10 GT vs DC 02-Apr-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
11 CSK vs PBKS 03-Apr-22 7:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
12 SRH vs LSG 04-Apr-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
13 RR vs RCB 05-Apr-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
14 KKR vs MI 06-Apr-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
15 LSG vs DC 07-Apr-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
16 PBKS vs GT 08-Apr-22 7:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
17 CSK vs SRH 09-Apr-22 3:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
18 RCB vs MI 09-Apr-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
19 KKR vs DC 10-Apr-22 3:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
20 RR vs LSG 10-Apr-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
21 SRH vs GT 11-Apr-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
22 CSK vs RCB 12-Apr-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
23 MI vs PBKS 13-Apr-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
24 RR vs GT 14-Apr-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
25 SRH vs KKR 15-Apr-22 7:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
26 MI vs LSG 16-Apr-22 3:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
27 DC vs RCB 16-Apr-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
28 PBKS vs SRH 17-Apr-22 3:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
29 GT vs CSK 17-Apr-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
30 RR vs KKR 18-Apr-22 7:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
31 LSG vs RCB 19-Apr-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
32 DC vs PBKS 20-Apr-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
33 MI vs CSK 21-Apr-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
34 DC vs RR 22-Apr-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
35 KKR vs GJ 23-Apr-22 3:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
36 RCB vs SRH 23-Apr-22 7:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
37 LSG vs MI 24-Apr-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
38 PBKS vs CSK 25-Apr-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
39 RCB vs RR 26-Apr-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
40 GT vs SRH 27-Apr-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
41 DC vs KKR 28-Apr-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
42 PBKS vs LSG 29-Apr-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
43 GT vs RCB 30-Apr-22 3:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
44 RR vs MI 30-Apr-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
45 DC vs LSG 01-May-22 3:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
46 SRH vs CSK 01-May-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
47 KKR vs RR 02-May-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
48 GT vs PBKS 03-May-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
49 RCB vs CSK 04-May-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
50 DC vs SRH 05-May-22 7:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
51 GT vs MI 06-May-22 7:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
52 PBKS vs RR 07-May-22 3:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
53 LSG vs KKR 07-May-22 3:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
54 SRH vs RCB 08-May-22 3:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
55 CSK vs DC 08-May-22 3:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
56 MI vs KKR 09-May-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
57 LSG vs GT 10-May-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
58 RR vs DC 11-May-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
59 CSK vs MI 12-May-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
60 RCB vs PBKS 13-May-22 7:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
61 KKR vs SRH 14-May-22 7:30 PM MCA Stadium, Pune
62 CSK vs GT 15-May-22 3:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
63 LSG vs RR 15-May-22 7:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
64 PBKS vs DC 16-May-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
65 MI vs SRH 17-May-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
66 KKR vs LSG 18-May-22 7:30 PM DY Patil Stadium
67 RCB vs GT 19-May-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
68 RR vs CSK 20-May-22 7:30 PM Brabourne – CCI
69 MI vs DC 21-May-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
70 SRH vs PBKS 22-May-22 7:30 PM Wankhede Stadium
71 QUALIFIER 1 TBD 7:30 PM Ahmedabad  
72 ELIMINATOR TBD 7:30 PM Ahmedabad
73 QUALIFIER 2 TBD 7:30 PM Ahmedabad
74 FINAL 29-May-22 7:30 PM Ahmedabad



Can be checked from here as BCCI will soon officially release the schedule for the upcoming IPL Season 15. The IPL fever has already started as the retention and release of players from different teams is already complete. The tentative date of IPL 2022 is out and the cricket lovers are quite curious to know the dates. It is expected that after the end of IPL 2022 auction, BCCI will make a big announcement to release the new schedule of IPL 15.

Indian Premier League is something that people wait for the whole year. Also, with the arrival of two new teams in this season, the excitement of the fans has definitely gone up this time. The official board of IPL is yet to announce many details like the date of auction and start date of matches.

IPL 2022 Schedule

IPL sechdule 2022 will be the 15th season of the Indian Premier League or IPL. As mentioned above, the first phase of the season has already been achieved where teams have announced retained and released players. The official board is also going to announce the official dates for the next stages which are the auction or the date from which the matches between the IPL teams are going to start.

As of now when there is no such official information about the schedule, many sports experts are speculating the approximate dates of IPL 2022 schedule. Usually IPL matches are played in the month of April and May. As of now it is being speculated that it may end March 2022 or may start from April 2022. Now IPL fans are waiting for the final schedule of matches.

But at present, many experts are estimating the start date of IPL 2022 matches to be from the first week of April 2022. Whatever the dates, the matches will start at 7.30 pm.

IPL 2022 Schedule Release Date

 IPL has not yet announced the official IPL 2022 schedule dates. According to rumours, the board should release the schedule dates after the auction is completed and the teams announce their final list of players for the game. So we can assume that IPL 15 schedule is expected to end in the month of February 2022.

 The announcement of IPL 2022 schedule dates may take some time as there is a high possibility that the number of matches will increase with the arrival of new teams. This will also increase the number of days running the season and it is expected that now IPL season 15 can last for more than 70 days.

The board should release the start date and the complete scheduled list of matches to be played on its official website. Also, the start date of the matches will be advertised on Star Sports channel or even Disney Hotstar.

IPL 2022 Venue

 Like the dates, the IPL board is yet to announce the venue of the matches. But again the experts are playing the guessing game on the IPL 2022 venue. As of now, it is being speculated that Chennai in India will be the venue for all the matches of IPL 2022 or IPL Season 15.

 Generally, IPL matches were played at 6 venues in India and these were in the cities of Chennai, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore. But as of now, the locations are changing due to the COVID situation across India.

According to te experts, the venue of the matches will be in India only when everything is fine and normal. In case of increasing number of COVID cases in the country, the board may take a decision similar to the conduct of IPL 2021 matches. This means that if the board comes to know once again that there is a risk of infection of Kovid, then it can decide to hold all matches in the UAE.

IPL 2022

Here is a list of the probable schedule of IPL 15, with a total of 74 matches expected to be played including the knock-out matches and the final. As per the tentative date of IPL 2022, matches will resume from 2nd April 2022 and IPL 15 final match is expected to be played on 3rd June 2022.

Full IPL Match List Report 2022