Best Online Sportsbooks With High Betting Odds

Best Online Sportsbooks With High Betting Odds? | The TIIS

Best Online Sportsbooks With High Betting Odds

Finding the sports betting sites with the best odds is imperative if you want to be successful when sports gambling online. Sportsbook betting lines and odds affect your chances of winning money and how much you can win. That’s why we have prepared a list of top online sportsbooks that offer the best odds for sports betting and excellent gambling lines. We have selected the online betting sites with the highest odds after going through hundreds of different sportsbook lines. Our recommendations can all be trusted thanks to their excellent reputation and strong security measures.

If you prefer gambling on the go, we also have suggestions for betting apps with high odds and good lines. Other sections on this page cover useful tips for how to get the best betting odds and lines, maximize your returns via bonuses and promotions, and explore the nature of gambling odds and lines as a whole.

Our Guide to the Best Online Betting Odds

  • Betting Apps With the Best Odds and Lines
  • How to Get the Best Online Sports Betting Odds
  • How to Pick the Best Betting Lines for Totals and Spreads
  • Best Betting Odds vs. Best Gambling Bonuses
  • Getting the Highest Odds for Live Betting
  • Gambling Odds and Value for Beginners
  • Betting Apps With the Best Odds and Lines

Let’s begin with the top sportsbook apps with the highest odds and best lines. They offer real money betting with great returns and various other perks like excellent promotions, fast payments, and a good variety of sports and leagues covered.

Here are some details on trusted mobile betting sites with the best odds. All of them work on every popular device like iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

The TIIS – Excellent Odds and Rewarding Promotions

The TIIS Mobile
Established: 2012
Welcome Offer: 100% of up to $2,500
US Players Accepted: Yes

The TIIS has been offering some of the best online sports betting odds since the 1990s. The mobile app of the bookmaker is first-class. You can enjoy excellent lines and the best gambling odds for popular sporting events from all over the globe. The TIIS covers many obscure competitions, too. On top of that, The TIIS offers excellent bonuses and promotions to further boost the value you get for every single wager.

Visit The TIIS

MyBookie – High Odds and Creative Prop Bets

Established: 2014
Welcome Offer: 50% of up to $1,000
US Players Accepted: Yes
Crypto: Yes
MyBookie delivers one of the betting apps with the highest odds online. There are a bunch of other reasons why we rate this bookmaker, most of them related to the unusual offers at your disposal.

The sportsbook features various exciting contests for all big sports and props that you would struggle to find anywhere else. That’s on top of the MyBookie promotions that start working in your favor from the moment you join the bookie.

It’s always nice when the best betting sites with high odds have other advantages and that’s exactly what you can find here.

Visit MyBookie – Attractive Betting Odds and Entertaining Contests for US Sports
Established: 1999
Welcome Offer: 100% of up to $1,000
US Players Accepted: Yes
Crypto: Yes offers great prices for all the big leagues such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and other major events like March Madness. It has a strong claim to be the highest odds betting site available on mobile devices, at least among those accepting US players.

The odds for smaller sports and leagues are also above the industry average. The excellent promotions and real money contests at can further improve your returns, too.

Other advantages of using this sportsbook include fast payouts, crypto payments, and reliable customer service that are on hand to help when needed.


Bovada – Lucrative Sports Gambling Odds and Great for Bitcoin

Established: 2011
Welcome Offer: 50% of up to $250
US Players Accepted: Yes
Crypto: Yes
If you’re looking for real money sports betting apps with the best odds and lines that work with cryptocurrencies, you should definitely consider Bovada.

This is often the betting company with the highest odds for US sports, including the NBA, NFL, MLB, NLH, and even the different NCAA divisions.

You can use different cryptocurrencies to make a real money deposit and Bovada will give you preferential bonuses and promotions.

Visit Bovada

Betway – One of the Safest Mobile Bookmakers with High Odds

Established: 2006
Welcome Offer: 100% of up to $50
US Players Accepted: No
Crypto: No
Betway offers several native betting apps for the likes of iPhone, iPad, and Android, as well as a mobile-responsive website that works on all popular devices. The sportsbook’s lines and odds are excellent on all of them and the variety of leagues covered is staggering.

There are many promotions for both new and existing customers which add even more value to your wagers. And since we’re talking about one of the most reputable online sports betting sites on the market, you can comfortably trust Betway with your money and personal information.

Visit Betway

BetOnline – Best Odds Betting Site for Tasty Bonuses

Established: 2004
Welcome Offer: 100% of up to $1,000
US Players Accepted: Yes
Crypto: Yes
You can often find the best odds for sports betting available to US customers at BetOnline, especially when it comes to the biggest leagues out there. The bookie works with small margins and there are often alternative lines, too.

If you add the excellent bonuses and promotions at your disposal, it’s clear why BetOnline has an excellent reputation in the online gambling industry.

Another perk of using this betting app with high odds is the player props feature that allows you to create your own wagers from scratch.

Visit BetOnline

Bodog – Highest Sports Betting Odds for Canada

Bodog Mobile App
Established: 2004
Welcome Offer: 100% of up to $200
US Players Accepted: No
Crypto: Yes
If you live in Canada, the best online betting odds are often available at Bodog. The sportsbook app covers all local events and the most popular sports from other parts of the world.

The number of markets is impressive and they offer some of the cheapest lines. You can also earn extra cash from day one thanks to Bovada’s bonuses and promotions. The betting site works with various payment options, including Bitcoin, and the payouts are among the fastest for Canadian users.


How to Get the Best Online Sports Betting Odds

Most people want to know what betting site has the best odds and that is a good starting point in the pursuit of the highest returns possible.

The problem is that the top price for every outcome is never available at the same sportsbook. There’s simply no such thing as the best betting site with the highest odds for all sports and leagues.

That’s why all experienced gamblers have multiple accounts and scan through them to find the betting site with the highest odds for the market they want to target.

Scanning for the best odds is crucial in sports betting.

That might sound annoying, but you would consistently get the best bookmakers’ odds and make more money. Most people would ignore the small margins, but just take a look at the difference between 100 winning wagers of $10 each on prices of +100 and +105.

$10 * 100 * 2 = $2,000 Total return
$10 * 100 * 2.05 = $2,050 Total return
Your overall profit jumps from $1,000 to $1,050 and the difference will keep getting bigger over time. And that’s for a small wager and a tiny difference in the price. Just imagine the difference with high stakes and even better odds.

Don’t leave money on the table. Start using multiple sportsbook sites and apps that offer high gambling odds.

The same logic applies to the best sports betting lines. Checking several different places will always bring better results in the long run.

This strategy is called line shopping and you should do it if you want to consistently place your wagers on the best online sports betting odds. See the following page for more information.

How to Manage Multiple Online Gambling Accounts

Many people don’t like the hassle of using multiple online gambling sites and prefer to stick to a single one. I was like that once as well and I completely understand the appeal of such an approach. It’s simple and easy, but you’re missing...

If you don’t want to do that yourself, you could use an odds comparison site that’s designed to check the best odds for a selected event. Such services could save you time and we often do the same on our sports gambling blog.

We regularly publish posts dedicated to popular events and some of them include info on which betting site has the best odds for the different outcomes.

No matter what method you pick, the key part is always to take a look at multiple internet bookies to find the best odds for betting.

How to Pick the Best Betting Lines for Totals and Spreads

Selecting the best sportsbook odds is the biggest factor when it comes to getting the highest value with your wagers. But the equation is more complicated than that for certain markets. Two of the most popular betting options online are spreads and totals. Here’s how they work. The sportsbook offers a certain handicap for the underdog (spread) and an under/over score for the total number of points scored (totals). This is how the two markets would normally look like.

Spurs (+5.5)-110
Warriors (-5.5)-110
Under 214.5-110
Over 214.5-110

The 214.5 points set for the totals and 5.5 handicap for the spread are called betting lines. The different online bookmakers might have different lines for the same event and that’s something else to consider.

Finding the best sports gambling lines available on the web can be very beneficial. If you want to back the Warriors in the example above, it’s possible that you could find a sportsbook that offers the same price for -5 or even -4.5 points. That would be a much better value for you in the long run because a win by five points exactly would lose if the line is -5.5, but it would push at -5 and win at -4.5. It looks like a small difference on the surface but finding the best sports betting lines for your picks will increase your chances of winning money over time.

Alternative Lines and Buying Points

Many real money online betting sites will offer only a single line for the totals and spreads, but there are exceptions. Certain sportsbooks have alternative lines that feature five or six options for the same market.

Here’s an example.

Under 214.5-110
Over 214.5-110

In other cases, the sports betting site might offer you to “buy” points which essentially means a different line and a different price. For example, if the main line is 214.5 points and the under is priced at -110, you could get under 215.5 instead at odds of -120.

It’s the same as using alternative lines and it’s something you should always consider. There are different scenarios in which getting a different line than the main one can be valuable. For example, imagine that you expect a ton of points between the Spurs and the Warriors. According to your estimates, the teams will easily go over 214.5 points. You could bet on over 217.5 instead, getting the price of +140 as opposed to only -110 for the main line.

That’s only one example, but there are many situations in which using alternate lines is better. Sometimes you might be willing to take a safer approach and sacrifice some of the profits. On other occasions, you might prefer a more adventurous wager.

The Importance of Key Numbers in Betting Lines

Millions of people bet on spreads or totals. The first market eliminates the differences between the favorite and the underdog using a handicap, while the second allows you to win money even without predicting the eventual winner. We already explained that getting a suitable line is as crucial as finding the best betting odds, but there’s another factor you should consider.

There are certain key lines for some sports that are based on the most frequent margins of victory and total number of points. It’s good to know if that concept applies to the leagues you are betting money on. Let’s take the NFL, for example. The key numbers in the biggest football league in the world are 3 and 7 because these are the most common winning margins.

With this information in mind, you should probably think twice when picking the best lines. Let’s say you have two options for the same game, -110 for -1.5 and +105 for -2.5 for the favorite. The probability of a victory by exactly two points which is the only case in which the first bet wins and the second loses is very, very slim based on the data we have.

Essentially, chances are that the outcome will be the same almost always which makes the +105 available for -2.5 a much better choice. The same logic would apply to the other key numbers for different sport and markets. It’s important to use that information when placing your wagers because it can help you get the best sports betting odds by picking the most valuable lines.

Best Betting Odds vs. Best Cricket Bonuses

Many people believe that the best odds for online sports betting bring the highest returns in the long run, but you already know that the lines matter too. There’s another factor that you should include in your calculations, too, and that’s the boost you could get from bonuses and promotions.

The betting site with the best odds might be a worse choice than a sportsbook with average odds that delivers special offers consistently.
Here’s a simple example. Let’s say that you bet $1,000 on average every week. Your average price with the best odds betting website is +100 and your win rate is 55%. Your expected return is 0.55 * 2,000 which is $1,100 or a total profit of $100.

Imagine that you could place your wagers at a different betting site where the average price you get is -110. That would result in returns of $1,050.50 or a profit of only $50.50. However, this sportsbook has a free bet club and a moneyback offer for your preferred markets. On average, you get around $60 per week from these promotions, so that boosts your profits to $110.50 or $10.50 more than the betting site with the best odds. It’s clear that moving your action to the second sportsbook is more beneficial in the long run.

While the calculations above are not that simple most of the time, the basic principle is always the same. Make sure you explore the different promotions when betting online for money because the best betting site with the highest odds might not always equal the most value for your particular strategy.

The Importance of Welcome Bonuses and Reload Bonuses

The welcome bonuses you can get at most sportsbooks online are the undisputed king of the betting promotions available to customers. On average, they bring the most value because the gambling apps and sites want to bring in new players. Another key factor is to find a sportsbook with regular reloads. If you use multiple betting sites and only keep a small fraction of your bankroll in each, as you should, you will often make deposits. Getting extra value makes a lot of difference.

As you can see, you can easily join a real money betting site with good odds and benefit from various promotions. Naturally, you should always check the terms and conditions of every offer, so you know the wagering requirements and other important details. The betting sites with the highest odds rarely have traps and unrealistic expectations, but they won’t give money for free without some strings attached either. If the bonuses and promotions are your main priority, we recommend that you check our rankings of the top-rated online sportsbooks and betting apps for bonuses and rewards.

Best Betting Sites for Bonuses and Rewards

Betting sites with high odds understand the importance of good odds and lines. Many of them give you more ways to improve your chances to win money via bonuses and promotions that are specifically designed to boost the odds you’re getting.

Here are some examples.

Best Odds Guaranteed – This one is most often available for horse racing. If you place a wager before the race and the price is higher at the start of the event, the better odds automatically count for your bet.
Enhanced Odds – You can also find this under names like “Odds Boosters” or “Price Boosts” but the concept is similar. Certain markets are available at higher odds for a limited time only.
Vig-Free – Sometimes, the highest odds betting sites become generous and deliver prices for certain big events with no juice applied.
Reduced Juice – The concept of this one is similar. The sportsbook reduces the margin, so instead of getting -110 for a certain outcome, the price is now -105 or even better.
All of the bonuses and promotions above can boost your average prices. Most of the best odds sites offer them, so keep your eyes open.

Getting the Highest Odds for Live Betting

Live betting is extremely popular and we’re sure that many of our readers love it too. It opens the door to unique opportunities to make money and it’s available pretty much everywhere. Naturally, you want to wager with the highest betting odds available. The problem is that line shopping here is not practical because speed is essential. The betting lines and the prices change all the time in live sports gambling and every second matters. Furthermore, there’s a delay before a wager is accepted when live betting for money. It’s hard enough to place your bets on time with one sportsbook, but it becomes even tougher to do if you are looking at a few of them at the same time.

That’s why the main question here is which betting site has the highest odds for live gambling. Here are top recommendations for bookies with the best odds for in-play action.

Visit Betway

If you want more options, you will find plenty of high odds betting sites that offer live action on the following page. They have the best odds for online sports betting in-play and exclusive promos for live gambling. Make sure to check their offers for additional ways to make extra money.

Best Live Betting Sites

If you’re new to sports gambling with real money, you need to know more than which betting site has the best odds. You also need to learn about how sports betting odds work and what betting value means. Here are the main concepts you need to know to find success when betting online with money.

How to Understand Different Odds Formats

The price represents the return you’re going to get if your wager is successful, which is why you should be looking for the sportsbook with the best odds.

That concept is relatively simple, but there are different odd formats and you should know how to read them.

Moneyline/American Odds – If you see something like -150 or +520, you’re dealing with American odds. If the number is positive, like +100, it shows your pure profit for a wager of $100. If the number is negative, like -150, it shows how much money you have to bet to win $100.
Decimal Odds – That’s the most popular format outside of the USA and probably the easiest to understand. The odds look like 1.50, 2.20, 5.00, and similar. The number shows your total return per unit staked, so a bet of $10 on 2.50 would return $25 ($10 initial stake + $15 in profit).
Fractional Odds – Probably the most complicated format of odds. They are available mostly in the UK and look like 1/5, 5/2, 10/11, and similar. Use the following formula when it comes to fractional odds: stake * (first number/second number) = profit.
All of the formats essentially represent the same thing and the best odds betting sites usually allow you to switch between them. If you still have questions, the following page has answers.

Understanding Betting Odds and Formats

How the Sportsbooks Set Their Odds and Why They Move
Knowing how the odds work on the simplest level is one thing. Understanding the logic behind them is another. It’s important to learn the whole process of the sports betting sites if you want to beat them and make money.

Here are the different steps that a bookmaker takes to calculate the odds.

Calculating Probabilities – The betting site has traders and odds compilers that use large sets of data and various tools to calculate the initial probabilities for every single betting market they offer.
Estimating Cash Distribution – The next important factor is the expected distribution of the money. The sportsbooks adjust the odds based on their records and lower the prices for the outcomes that are expected to attract the most cash.
Adding Margin – Even the best betting site with high odds applies margin to their prices because that’s how they make money. It’s an advantage in their favor similar to the house edge of casino games. The size of the margin is what matters when it comes to finding the best sports odds online.
At this point, the betting sites are ready to publish their odds, but that’s not the end of the process. Once the prices and lines are up, the sportsbooks follow the wagers placed and the latest news.

A high volume of bets on a certain outcome or a huge update related to the sporting event could instantly move the lines. If you want to learn more about the process of calculating odds and what the sportsbooks do once they’re up, the following page will help.

Understanding Bookies and How They Make Money

Some betting sites are reluctant to release their odds early to avoid big surprises. Others don’t have that problem and you can see their lines days or even weeks before the event itself.

Jumping on the early odds could be beneficial if you spot a mistake by the bookmaker and that’s what many pros are doing. It’s possible that the betting site misjudged something and since the odds of the other bookies are not up yet, that could leave the door open for some great value. If that sounds interesting to you, here’s our best betting site with high odds that releases them early.


The Importance of Value Betting

You probably came here wondering which betting site offers the best odds and we already gave several excellent options. We also added advice on the promos that could help you and other tips on finding the best sports gambling odds.

None of that will help you win money if you’re placing wagers based on guessing. You must learn how to work with probabilities and find value. The only way to win money from sports betting is to put your cash on outcomes with a higher probability than the odds suggest. Here’s a simple example of a value bet. Imagine that you and a friend are tossing a balanced coin with a 50-50 chance for heads and tails. You bet $1.10 on heads, while your friend bets $1.00 on tails and the winner takes all.

He will win in the long run and you will lose because you’re betting with a negative expectation. That’s effectively what many bettors are doing and even the best odds for online betting can’t help them.


How to Find Value in Betting Odds

Initially, it will be tough for you to spot good wagers on your own and we can help with some specific recommendations. Our gambling experts share their top bets for different sports in our betting picks section.

We cover all popular sports and leagues from all over the globe, as well as some obscure events. Here are the latest entries. Just remember to use the online sports betting sites with the best odds and lines when you follow our picks

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