Sports Betting Secrets Your Bookmaker Will Never Tell You

Sports Betting Secrets Your Bookmaker Will Never Tell You

Sports Betting Secrets

Back in the days when sportsbooks were real people you would meet in person, people thought that being extra kind to their bookie, making witty jokes from time to time, and always making small talk while betting would make them friends. and well, close people. Some people even think that the more you bet on a bookmaker, the more likely they are to remember you and perhaps tell you some insider tips at some point in the future. However, this never happens. No matter how hard you try, one truth remains - your bookmaker is not your friend, and never will be.

The same can be said for almost all modern online betting sites, as they operate 100% remotely via the Internet. However, apart from the fact that you may never be friends with your bookmaker, are there other sports betting secrets that your bookmaker cannot tell you? Here are some of them.

They don't want you to win

However, this does not mean that they will cheat on you just to cheat. However, this does mean that bookies are not the kind of Samaritans who always root for someone to win. They will like it if more and more people make bad and non-strategic bets.

You probably already know that bookmakers or sometimes oddsmakers come up with betting odds and lines. The process before arriving at the final number is complicated and lengthy, but the main thing in doing all this is that the sportsbook will always have the upper hand over the bookmakers.

Odds are not about predicting results, but about making money

In a technical sense, the probability of one outcome being the opposite of another. Rather, the odds given by the bet and the line are another way of setting up the betting "action".

Have you ever experienced when the odds suddenly shifted in favor of one team and then suddenly in favor of the other team? Or did the gap between the two opposing sides suddenly become much smaller than it was yesterday? While this may be due to sudden changes in pre-game conditions, such as a star player suddenly not being able to play, most of the time it is simply bookmakers adjusting the odds based on the number of bets on a specific side. Is. Is. Is. Is. Is. Simply put, they do this to balance the bets and ensure that they will make a lot of money no matter what.

They like it when you chase damage

Some people think that the more they lose, the closer they are to winning. They call this myth the "due" or "gambler's fallacy". While there is no truth to this, bookmakers love it when losers keep placing more and more bets. After all - it means money to them.

They don't care who wins, at least not like a fan

Most of the people who bet on sports are also fans of the sport they are betting on. This means that like every other fan, they have a favorite team or a favorite player that they prepare for the championship. For bookmakers, however, they couldn't care less who wins and who loses. For them, it doesn't matter who their path leads in the end of it all. The important thing is that the business will continue to do well and they will continue to make profits from those who bet on it.

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